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Twilight Teeth Spring Break

Spring Break Smiles with Twilight Teeth!

If you’re looking to make your smile shine during your spring break to match your flawless tan, then consider getting Twilight Teeth. People look forward to spring break for the beach, parties and starting that summer glow. Having a nice tan can make someone look radiant and healthy. In fact, many people try to uphold the perfect tan year-round with tanning products. Furthermore, a darker skin tone can make your white teeth stand-out with ease.

Twilight Teeth, the Original “Whiten While You Tan” system, now comes complete with the P6 Whitening Light! This powerful little light makes using our P6 Whitening Gel convenient to use for touch ups or on the go. Giving you whiter teeth in just 20 minutes!

Both Your Teeth and Tan Can Have a Beautiful,
Healthy Glow with Twilight Teeth

When you have a successful whitening treatment, it’s hard to not notice the change. The newly-added luster creates a friendlier, more approachable disposition. However, when your smile has a darker contrast, like tanned skin, its vividness is twice as noticeable. In other words, your tan amplifies your white teeth.

One of the best features of our whitening system is the simplicity. Twilight Teeth’s patented “No Rinse P6 Whitening Gel” was the first product on the market to bring you the same whitening process used in dental offices. Our special kit, complete with a small, comfortable mouthpiece uses a simple application process and has an enjoyable mint flavor.

Twilight Teeth is a family owned business that stands by a safe, effective and proven product that is legal in all 50 states. If you already have a Twilight Teeth Kit, please consider a refill.

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