Twilight Testimonials

Happy Smiles Say It All!

A product I actually use – making sure your teeth are white makes a world of a difference!

Breanna Espina, Model

Now in EVERY location of ours.. TWILIGHT TEETH! We can’t express enough how many people LOVE this product! Get a million dollar smile while relaxing in your favorite bed!

Soleil Tans , A NJ tanning salon with locations in Matawan, Edison, Sayreville & Millburn

“We look forward to continuing to smile with the Twilight Teeth Whitening System. We are still going through packages weekly. Our clients are loving the product. We have a bridal show this weekend and will be taking the product with us. We also have two shows in January and February that we are doing. Twilight Teeth has proved to be a ” NO BRAINER ” complimentary product to our great industry!”

Jim & Sandy , Salon Owners Saratoga Heat - Malta, NY

We have carried Twilight Teeth for over 2 years now and our clients LOVE it. The best selling point is that it works quicker than any other UV Whitener and it is not harsh on our clients tooth enamel. Plus, the whiting last longer than Crest Strips.

Le' Tan Tanning Salon

“AWESOME!!! This product works! It is so easy to use. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!”

Darlene Long, Tropic Tanz - Cross Timbers, MO

“FANTASTIC! This product basically sells itself. Very easy to use. My customers love it!”

David Donnini, CopaCaTana Tanning Salon - Wilkes-Barre, PA

What has 2 thumbs and is obsessed with this product 6 years and counting!? This girl!! Best teeth whitening I’ve ever used!! No wonder why its our #2 best seller! NO SENSITIVITY!!! NO DOWNTIME! And instant results! Grab your starter kit today and whiten at home or in the tanning bed!

Sun Club Tanning

I have a porcelain caps on my front teeth that were placed when I was 7 years old. You can imagine after 10+ years you could see the difference between the real and fake teeth. Whitening strips and gel hurt my teeth and getting a new cap is thousands of dollars.
Using twilight teeth is the only thing I have found to gently brighten my teeth to match my caps. It’s so easy and works instsntly. Total confidence booster!

Dami Allison

“Not only does Twilight Teeth work….I sell more of them than I do bottled lotions. And I’ve only been open for 10 days!.”

Heidi Cortez , Cabana Tans - Sparks, NV

“Finally, a product that delivers better than advertised. It sells itself! Everyone is talking about Twilight Teeth. One of our customers was so overwhelmed with the results, she was in tears!”

Caza Del Sol , Cazenovia, NY

I received package today, thank you very much. I will start testing them tonight at days end. Again, thank you for supporting me here. Not many people take the time to do something with the men and women here supporting the US military.

Robert Long

I place the pamphlets in the tanning beds and it grabs the customer’s attention. With the QR reader showing them how it works, it is an easy sale!

Grant Miller, SunYourBuns

I have sold Twilight Teeth for 10 years. I met Jerry Baughman at the tradeshows that long ago. It is a great add-on product and the customers love it!

Darrell Ringer, Midas Touch Golden Tans

“I am just writting to you to say that this is an awesome product i have used it a total of 4 times the past week 2 times in my tanning bed and then 2 times with the led light..i want to say i love this product i have used several of the other bleaching systems to try and improve my smile or bring it back to the way it was in highschool..everyone of the other products i have used ended up causing severe blisters on my gums and skin peeling of the gum line too. The pain i endured from those systems wasnt worth it because they only partially whitened my smile. Your product has shown tremendous improvement in my smile and it has had no side effects or any problem with my gums. Also the other bleaching products caused some upsetness of my stomach from me swallowing the product yours has nothing at all like that..I own my own tanning bed i just happened to go to the tanning salon to get some tanning lotion and noticed the 2 boxes of your sustem they had left began reading the box and thought i would just give it a try..i got the full kit and one extra bottle of the application liquid and i am so glad that i made the choice..I will from this point on recommend this product to all my friends and family and anyone who may ask about my smile…i think one of the major selling points is that it comes with the comfortable mouth piece and the led light so you dont have to be in the tanning bed or even tan at all to use this product..well i have rambled on long enough but i hope you get the message that this is a great product and i appreciate you listening to my story.”

Misty Adkins, Indiana