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How to Increase Sales for Indoor Tanning and Accessories

Tanning salons give customers a fast indoor option for looking like they’ve just come back from the beach. The income of a tanning salon depends on a variety of factors, including services offered, the level of customer service in place, and the marketing ideas of the salon. Here are some ideas to increase sales:

First: Give tanners a variety of service options. For example, offer different models of tanning beds, from a standard basic model at a low price point to an upscale bed with more intense bulbs or greater degrees of skin protection that you sell at a higher price point. Also, offer options like stand-up tanning beds and spray tanning. Track which options generate the most revenue. When you grow your salon or reinvest in new equipment and accessories, use your findings to make savvy buying decisions based on the more popular alternatives.

Second: Provide a retail component to your salon. For example, carry a line of tanning accelerators, after-tan moisturizers, beauty care products such as lip balm, Teeth Whitening While You Tan, bronzing agents, and eye goggles.  Also consider body jewelry and possibly even clothing items like bathing suits, logoed t-shirts, bathing suits and beach bags.  All of these can bring and will bring the client back to your location for extra items at times they may not be tanning but wanting to purchase a gift or beauty product.

Third: Offer services that set you apart from your competition. For example, offer ports for customers to plug in their own electronic devices to listen to music while they tan and provide high-powered fans to keep customers cool. Offer a shower facility, clean towels and sample sizes of after-tan moisturizers. Give consumers a cold bottle of water or have free snacks in the waiting room. Customers will feel pampered when they visit your tanning salon, which will make them more eager to return.

Fourth: Have an objective of getting customers through the door not for a single visit, but for multiple visits. Offer cost-effective package deals, or issue customer loyalty cards that give a tanner one free Teeth Whitening Gel, for every 10 paid sessions. Offer discounts for customers who bring in a friend, and allow existing customers to “upgrade” tanning packages at a lower cost when they refer others to your business. Employ friendly and knowledgeable sales people who can answer questions and provide recommendations that generate the highest revenue for your business.  Use your sales tools, such as tent cards, window stickers, or pamphlets with a QR Reader to get the customer interested on how different products work. Twilight Teeth offers these sales tools for free to help aid in sales of this unusual product. 

Fifth: Form partnerships with other salons that offer services like manicures, hair design or massages. Offer package deals, or operate from separate locations but share customers through referrals. For example, ask a hair salon a block away to give their customers a discount coupon for your tanning salon, and offer to do the same for them in return. This is a cost-effective way for a small business to generate new leads and cultivate new customers.