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Why Have Whiter Teeth?

Discoloration of the teeth can be quite a confidence knocker and some people find themselves smiling less due to this. Discoloration is caused by a number of personal factors, such as smoking, drinking tea/coffee, or ageing. One of the most common ways to get brighter and whiter teeth is to use Twilight Teeth; it’s one of the easiest ways to get that beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. But does whiter teeth really have that much of a positive impact on your life?

Confidence Building

One of the biggest advantages of having whiter teeth is improved confidence. Yellow or discolored teeth can make you feel uncomfortable and brings down your self-esteem, forcing most people to smile less. But a whiter smile is proven to make you feel better about yourself and improve your mood, which can benefit all aspects of your life. Studies have shown that 40% of people notice a person’s smile before any other physical attribute.

Positive Impressions

Having white teeth can help to improve relationships and give better first impressions. 99% of adults believe that a great smile is an important social asset. People who tend to smile often come across as friendlier and easier to get along with, resulting in more social interaction as other people will respond to your smile positively. Studies have shown that individuals with whiter teeth are more outgoing and engaging.

A Youthful Look

Whiter teeth don’t just change the look of someone’s smile; it can also brighten their whole face. Having white teeth can make you look years younger, as discolored teeth are a natural sign of ageing. A study within the UK showed that whiter teeth can make you look up to 13 years younger.

Professional impact

74% of adults believe that an unattractive smile can negatively affect your career. White teeth allow you to smile more, making yourself seem more approachable to colleagues and speak with confidence during meetings and interviews.

To keep your teeth at their natural whiteness, try to avoid certain food and drink such as tea or coffee, avoid tobacco, and stop smoking. Alongside this, you should add Twilight Teeth into your routine and experience the power of a bright smile!

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