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Salon Loyalty

Ways to Build Salon Loyalty

So, your tanning salon is open and you have a lot of walk-in business, but are they repeat customers? If not, here are a few suggestions you could implement to build salon loyalty with them.

Your Most Special Customer

Treat each client as if they are your most special customer by giving them your undivided attention. When you look them in the eye as you speak to them they will realize that you are listening to what they are saying. Another great way build salon loyalty is to escort him or her to their assigned tanning room and open the door, scan the room to verify that it is clean and set up as it should be, this will let your customer know that you have their best interest in mind.

If your phone is ringing constantly consider having a pre-message to the caller. This message can answer the most common questions you receive. If the client still wants to chat with a live person they can choose to ring through to the desk attendant. Remember to teach your attendants the proper way to interact with an in-store client when a call does ring through!

Friendly Store Atmosphere

Make sure your main shop area is clean and uncluttered. Yes, you want them to make point-of-sale purchases, but when you have so many different items on display that it looks like a garage sale the customer may not feel comfortable. Consider rotating out your different items each month so that there are different things for the client to purchase at each visit. Your goal is to make your customer feel relaxed and happy when he or she walks into your salon, thus building salon loyalty!

Also, look at each client and smile when you first see them. Facial expression and eye contact go a long way in letting your client know you are glad they are tanning at your salon!

Provide Value with a Loyalty Program

You do offer tanning packages, right? If not, this is a great way to get repeat customers! If you do offer them, wonderful! Have you considered offering a whitening loyalty program on top of the tanning packages? You could offer your client a discount on their third Twilight Teeth refill purchase. This would encourage your clients to stay loyal to your salon and provide a great way to promote your salon!

Solicit Customer Feedback

Yes, the attendant should be asking each client how their session went when that person exits the booth. But, how do you get actual feedback, especially if you are not the attendant on duty? You could set up a survey email to send out to your clients after their first, fifth, fifteenth, etc. visit for them to provide you with specifics should they have any issues or suggestions.

Host a Special Event

One final suggestion for to build salon loyalty is to host a special event (for a national holiday, your salon’s anniversary, etc.) where you invite your most prominent customers and at that event you could have a drawing for free gifts. This would be something you promote all year long in your shop. (For example, a sign that says, “If you tan with us 10 times, then you will be invited to our private party where we will have drawings for free gifts!”) Some of the items we suggest for the free gifts are: a Twilight Teeth Kit, or a free P6 Whitener Refill, a free tanning session, a free tanning package. Everyone loves to party and get free stuff, so this should be a fantastic way to build loyalty to your salon!

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