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Twilight Teeth Spring 2018

Get Your Smile Ready for Spring with Twilight Teeth!

Spring is almost here and it’s a great time to be thinking about improving your smile with Twilight Teeth. Nothing compliments your fresh tan like a bright white smile! Twilight Teeth brings you the same whitening process used in dental offices, but in a special kit, complete with a small, comfortable mouthpiece, and a simple application process with an enjoyable mint flavor. This convenient, no-rinse process allows you to go about your day the moment you remove the mouthpiece.

Why Twilight Teeth?

We pioneered teeth whitening in the indoor tanning industry. We are the leaders in innovation for this type of product and although we have been imitated by other companies no other teeth whitening system offers you the most comprehensive teeth whitening system in or out of the tanning industry except of course the expensive in-office treatments offered by your dentist. Whether you are using our customer support program, or one of our many ways to educate your tanning customer on the benefits of whitening their teeth while they tan, we believe Twilight Teeth is the best system you can offer in your tanning salon today.

How long will the results last?

Teeth whitened with Twilight Teeth will stay noticeably whiter for up to 6 months, however, periodic “touch ups” should be performed to keep your smile its brightest. Your unique combination of age, foods, beverages, smoking habits and tooth structure will influence the long-term results.

Can I use Twilight Teeth outside of the tanning bed?

YES, of course your best results will come from the accelerated properties of the U.V. light. Twilight Teeth can be used outside the tanning bed. You will find that it works great to touch up in between tanning sessions.

Calling All Salon Owners

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