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Teeth Whitening Simplified

Cosmetic teeth whitening has become a worldwide multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing exponentially. This rapid growth has caused a vast diversity of whitening products to be created, from in-home use of pastes, strips, and films to clinical-use at the dentist office or kiosk in the mall, and everything in between.

There is a confusing array of options available at your local pharmacy or big box store. Plus, dental offices and mall kiosks that offer teeth whitening services can be expensive and time consuming. Twilight Teeth is here to help clear up your confusion! You can purchase Twilight Teeth kits from many tanning salons worldwide to use either at that salon or at home. If your favorite salon does not offer Twilight Teeth, please ask them to stock it for you – they can order it from their favorite distributor!

Having a pristine white, bright smile is a major contributor to looking younger, healthier, and feeling more confident in yourself. Twilight Teeth is easy to use and now comes complete with the P6 Whitening Light! This powerful little light makes using our P6 Whitening Gel convenient to use at home, for touch ups, or while you are on the go.

Don’t spend another dollar on expensive teeth whitening trips to your dentist or messy pastes and films from the drug store. Each Twilight Teeth kit gives you up to 12 applications and is guaranteed to deliver whitening results, superior to any over the counter product you can buy or your money back!