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Six Most Frequently Asked Questions About Twilight Teeth

We, at Twilight Teeth, have gathered some of our most frequently asked questions for you.

Who can benefit from the Twilight Teeth P6 Whitener?

Anyone from 15 to 100 who wants a more confident, vibrant smile. For those who are pregnant, considering getting pregnant or lactating, it is recommended you contact your physician before using Twilight Teeth.

Just how strong is it?

The strongest money can buy, (other than in office visits) the formula for P6 utilizes a 25% concentration of whitening agents. Your dentist will affirm that this formula is as strong and even stronger than they supply with at home kits. Plus, Twilight Teeth employs special polymers to dry and adhere to teeth during the tanning session and whiten throughout the day long after you have left the salon.

I have sensitive teeth. Will Twilight Teeth leave me in pain?

Twilight Teeth is the first to utilize a system that doesn’t submerge your teeth (virtually over exposing the tooth’s surface) in a tray. Twilight Teeth utilizes a polymer-based system that adheres to where you apply it and starts whitening immediately during tanning session. Although our formula is stronger than over the counter systems it is the patented technology that reduces the sensitivity down to virtually undetectable, very suitable for tanners with even the most sensitive teeth and backed by a money-back guarantee. It is a known fact most sensitivity comes from a whitening product that is applied either to the back of the tooth’s surface and/or the biting/grinding surface of the teeth. This is where your top teeth meet your bottom teeth and the surface is constantly ground down making it the most susceptible to sensitivity. Twilight Teeth feels that by avoiding these areas, with our brush-on application, not only allows people with sensitive teeth to use our teeth whitener but, does so without over applying to areas that are not needed.

How long will the results last?

Teeth whitened with Twilight Teeth will stay noticeably whiter for up to 6 months, however, periodic “touch ups” should be performed to keep your smile its brightest. Your unique combination of age, foods, beverages, smoking habits and tooth structure will influence the long-term results.

Why don’t over-the-counter systems offer a 25% concentration of whitener?

One reason is shelf life. Many of the whitening products take months to make it to the shelves and by offering a lower concentration of active ingredient they increase the shelf life to, in some cases, several years. It is common for a consumer to buy a product that is over a year old. Twilight Teeth has an 18-month shelf life and guarantees freshness to the vendor so you know you are using the strongest and freshest teeth whitening system available today. Another reason is how they apply the teeth whitening gel. Most systems are VERY crude in their design. They require messy amounts of gel to be placed in a tray and then squished into place only to ooze gel throughout the mouth and all over the gums and soft tissue. Even the expensive molded teeth trays made by a dentist can ooze undesired amounts of gel if the amount is too great or the customer bites down too hard on the apparatus. Most teeth whitener manufacturers keep their active ingredient down to a minimum (in some cases as little as 1.5%) so the potential for customer dissatisfaction due to sensitivity is reduced. The negative side to this is that most over the counter whitening systems rarely contain enough solution to meet expectations of today’s customer.

Why Twilight Teeth?

Twilight Teeth pioneered teeth whitening in the indoor tanning industry. We are the leaders in innovation for this type of product and although we have been imitated by other companies no other teeth whitening system offers you the most comprehensive teeth whitening system in or out of the tanning industry except of course the expensive in office treatments offered by your dentist. Whether you are using our customer support program or one of our many ways to educate your tanning customer on the benefits of whitening your teeth while they tan we believe Twilight Teeth is the best system you can offer in your tanning salon today.

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