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Improve Holiday Sales

Improve Holiday Sales

A proactive approach is the best way to improve holiday sales (and profits). Twilight Teeth has compiled a short list of ways for you to do this:

Make displays have visual impact.

and have enough products on hand to keep them full at all times. Provide plenty of options for your client to choose from. Use Twilight Teeth tent cards on all of your beds to let customers know you offer Teeth Whitening. Train your staff to do a store cleanliness and display stock check at the beginning of each shift and when they come back from each break, this will have everyone always looking to keep the place neat and ready for sales.

Have someone demonstrate the product.

When done right, it will increase sales. Train your employees on how to properly and quickly demonstrate Twilight Teeth’s easy application process. Train your staff on product knowledge and make it a priority for them to learn as much as possible about the products. Make this into a contest for your staff by setting specific sales goals and giving a pay incentive to the employee having the most sales.

Focus on up-selling and add-ons that are value-oriented to improve holiday sales.

Try setting up a Monthly Whitening Program with Twilight Teeth. Sell a starter kit and then get your members set up with monthly Whitening Gel refills as part of their membership. Additionally, to get your slow-moving items to sell simply pair them with complementary fast-moving products and promote them as a special buy. You could also attractively pre-wrap some of these paired items for your displays and to sell.

Stay positive and focused all season long.

Encourage your staff to do the same by giving them appropriate breaks and time to eat. Additionally, don’t settle for hiring just anyone. Look for people that like to promote items and enjoy selling things. An enthusiastic salesclerk will go a long way in making your store feel good to your customers when they walk in, which can encourage sales. Also, train your staff in proper sales etiquette, but allow them to still have their own personalities. The best salespeople know that selling has more to do with asking the customer questions and listening to their responses, than just listing a product’s benefits to them.

You are collecting all the customer data you can, right?

If not, consider doing so. This will enable you to send out promotions, incentive offers, and specials (via email and regular mail) as well as obtain customer feedback. Communicating with your clients will encourage their loyalty to your shop. The more personally involved you are with your clientele, the easier it will be for them to give you feedback. Additionally, have a rewards program for your customers based on their purchases. All of these combined will help you to discover what motivates your clients to buy. And, when you know that answer, then you will have an easier time improving your holiday sales.

Finally, to improve holiday sales plan for the last-minute rush during the last two weeks leading up to Christmas by making sure you have enough Twilight Teeth kits and Refills on hand to keep up with the demand!